Program Details

6 months

No. of Modules:

8 modules

Expected Programming Level:


Expected Workload:

>30 hours/week

Medium of Instructions:


Gain a Practical Education from Experienced Developers

Our curriculum is designed with employability in mind - equipping you with industry insights, tips, and tricks to turn you into a highly in-demand software engineer.

Benefit from Our Zero Upfront Tuition Fees

Study first, pay later - pay nothing to join your immersive learning experience and pursue your career goals. Only after you have completed our program and are employed as a software engineer, you will pay 15% of your monthly salary to us until you reach USD$10,000. Learn more about fees and financing from our FAQ page.

Learn Exclusive Job Hunting Skills and Know-Hows

Get valuable insights on interview skills, CV preparation, and building a professional portfolio - we will be the bridge between you and your future employers.

A Peek into Our World-class Curriculum

Gain a software engineer's skill sets - from computer science fundamentals to backend development, from web front end implementation to hybrid app development.

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Pre-Module: Sneak Peek to Software Engineering

Module 1: Programming 101

Module 2: Data + Database Management

Module 3: Web UI Design

Module 4: Full-Stack Web Development

Module 5: Hybrid App Development with React Native

Module 6: Software Engineering Skills

Module 7: Career + Job Hunting Bootcamp