Are there any prerequisites to join the programme?
This is a beginner-friendly programme with no prerequisites. If you are new to this subject, our instructors will recommend you a few resources, reading materials and prep-work to help you to prepare for the course. Please contact our team to discuss your background and learning goals. We will advise you if this course will be a good fit for you.
Can I work full-time while enrolled in this course?
Yes. Our part-time courses are designed to fit in the schedules of professionals with full-time work commitments. In addition, our M1 courses are self-recorded and online, hence you can learn at your own pace from anywhere and everywhere that is convenient for you.

You will be expected to spend time working on homework and projects outside of class each week, but the workload is designed to be manageable with a full-time job.
Will I receive a certificate?
Upon passing this course, you will receive an M1 Certificate. You can use this certificate to demonstrate your newly acquired skills to employers. Our courses are well-regarded by many top employers in the region, who contribute to our curriculum development & also utilise our corporate training programmes to train their employees.
How does this course relate to other TalentLabs programmes?
Our M1 course is the best entry-level course for professionals to learn programming skills that can be applied in a wide range of professional context. It also forms the foundation for our flagship professional certification programmes. You are required to complete the M1 certification prior to enrolling in our professional certification courses such as the Certified Associate in Data Analytics and Certified Associate in Software Engineering.

For those committed to a career change in technology, you should enrol in our Certified Associate programme after completing the required M1 modules. Our Certified Associate programme provides a direct pathway to Software Engineering & Data Science roles.