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Evans Lam

Bachelor in Statistics, HKU

Foundation Certificate in Data Analytics
The upskilling and job placement experience at TalentLabs were some of the happiest moments in my life. They not only equip me with practical data analytical skills but also motivate me to take a huge step towards my data science career. Thanks TalentLabs!
Hussain NISAAR

Bachelor in Finance & Politics, HKU

Foundation Certificate in Data Analytics
Opting for TalentLabs Data Analytics Certificate was one of the best decisions I have made as a university student majoring in Finance. I was impressed with the curriculum design which included exactly the right set of practical data analytics skills to bridge my gap into the professional technical world.
As a result, I succeeded in securing an internship placement at a tech venture capital firm L2 Capital Management. This would not have been possible given the high quality of mentorship I received from the TalentLabs team throughout the entire course.
Goh Jia Ean

Master of Science (Applied Science)

Certified Associate in Business Analytics
On onboarding day, I was welcomed by friendly instructors and classmates with whom later I hung out in real life! While the course materials are beginner-friendly, the assignments still challenge you to combine your knowledge creatively.
With the help of Talentlabs, I scored a placement under Khazanah and I am also doing the Certified Associate course (Business Analytics) simultaneously!
Khairunnisa Abu Khair

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering

Foundation Certificate in Data Analytics
I came across TalentLabs programmes on LinkedIn. For someone who wants to change their career path and has no prior background, this was a good opportunity for me to learn a new skill while gaining work experience at the same time.
With the help of TalentLabs, I landed a job at 2X as a data associate with the analytics team. I’m thankful to TalentLabs as they helped me transition into a new career path in technology.
Firdaus Jamaludin

Bachelor in Civil Engineering

Foundation Certificate in Software Engineering
The guidance from the experienced team of instructors boosted my confidence and skills as a developer.
I learned how to design an eCommerce Website Database, coded a Tic-Tac-Toe & Number Guessing Game, and many more projects.
After finishing the training, I quickly secured a job at Recruitopia as a Software Engineer.
Eiman Salleh

Bachelor of Mechatronics, Robotics,
and Automation Engineering

Foundation Certificate in Software Engineering
Since the programme I enrolled for was in Front-end Software Engineering and Relational Database (SQL), it actually helped inspire me to dive deeper into IT, especially since this programme is designed perfectly for beginners who want to start learning to code.
I enjoyed gaining new skills such as game development, backend development, DevOps, software testing and more. Aside from that, the TalentLabs’ career support, HTML, and CV workshop that they provide are truly incredible for my overall career journey.
Afiqah Nasuha Samsuri

Bachelor of Computer Science
(Multimedia Computing)

Foundation Certificate in Software Engineering
This programme is perfect for anyone new in Software Engineering.
My favourite part about this programme is the flexibility since you are free to study the course anytime and anywhere.
The one-on-one guidance I’ve received from the instructors, really helped me master new skills and tech tools.
Lee Wynn Hann

Bachelor of Business and Commerce

Foundation Certificate in Data Analytics
TalentLabs’ programme taught me all the necessary knowledge and skills I need to enter and thrive in the Tech industry. Aside from networking with new and like-minded friends, I was also able to pick up the basics and introductory skills in Data Analytics.
The career support from TalentLabs was a great help in launching my career in Tech and landing a dream job in CIMB.
Khairul Ezaidi Abu Khalib

Bachelor of Information Technology
(Business Computing)

Foundation Certificate in Technology Management
Through the TalentLabs’ programme, I managed to gain new knowledge and experience that aided my journey working in a multinational company. I truly believe that the TalentLabs’ career support, courses, and CV workshop played a significant role in helping me secure my placement in Lenovo.
Thus, I can wholeheartedly say that this programme met all my expectations to gain experience in becoming a mature employee within a big corporation.
Mudzaffar Ismail

Master of Business Administration
in Finance

Foundation Certificate in Data Analytics
TalentLabs’ programme has truly furnished me with skills required to perform in an IT position. Aside from expanding my connections with various IT professionals, I am amazed by the quality of training materials as well as the mentors since everything was thoroughly covered during the course.
With TalentLabs’ continuous support and mentorship, I now know how to create a CV to my advantage. I am now capable of giving business insights for my current company and help it’s growth with the power of data in the challenging industry that the company is positioned in.
Afeeq Danial

Bachelor of Science with Honours
(Industrial Statistics)

Certified Associate in Business Analytics
Even coming from a statistics background, I had limited experience in using programming languages and other statistical tools. Hence, my decision to join TalentLabs for the Foundation Certificate in Data Analytics is totally worth it!
On April 1st I started my journey of learning in the Talentlabs programme, and two months later, I completed it.
It wasn't easy for a first-timer, but the experience was fun despite having its challenges. Thanks to our mentors, and fellow classmates who have been helpful throughout the programme.
Fuzeymi Sobri

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Foundation Certificate in Data Analytics
After 2 months of learning and training with TalentLabs, I've finally managed to complete this Foundation Certificate in Data Analytics program!
I would to like thank the TalentLabs team for providing excellent support and guidance throughout the training.This programme was a good introduction to beginners like me, who is just starting a career in data analytics.
Adam Haizal

Bachelor of Medical Biotechnology

Foundation Certificate in Technology Management
I’m happy to share that I’ve obtained a new certification: Foundation Certificate in Technology Management from TalentLabs!
Special gratitude to Darren Chiu for his guidance over the 8-week comprehensive online course and for helping me with one of the most enjoyable capstone projects I've ever accomplished.
I am grateful for this programme since it has given me the opportunity to expand my career opportunities. CHEERS!
Noor Aisyah

Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

Certified Associate in Business Analytics
Coming from a biochemistry background, I had a very limited knowledge in tech. This Foundation Certificate in Data Analytics programme by TalentLabs is invaluable in helping me to venture in this new field!
This career change is not easy, but the learning & experience gained was so rewarding and enjoyable. I also decided to participate in the Certified Associate in Business Analytics programme! Thanks to all mentors and classmates who have been helpful throughout the programme.
Eagerly looking forward to more challenges and experiences that I will gain in this field 😊
Azam Khalid

Bachelor of Urban And Regional Planning

Foundation Certificate in Software Engineering
At first, this was not an easy journey for me. During the first 2 months of self-paced learning I needed to adapt and learn things that were new to me, as my background was in Built Environment (Town Planning).
But with the help pf my mentors at TalentLabs, classmate, and instructors, I was able to complete all my modules and gained a certificate that’s globally recognised!
Overall, I'm so thankful for this opportunity.
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