Foundation Certificate in Software Engineering

Foundation Certificate in Software Engineering

This course is designed to help you take the first steps toward a career in software engineering.

Foundation Certificate
Foundation Certificate in Software Engineering
Key summary:
Foundation Certificate in Software Engineering
2 - 4 months
Beginner level

Code Your Way to Innovation

Learn the basics of coding and software development; an ever-evolving field that continually shapes our digital world and offers endless innovation opportunities.

What you will learn

Understand the software development lifecycle and its stages from conception to deployment.
Learn multiple programming languages and their applications in various types of software development.
Master the principles of software design and architecture for building scalable and maintainable systems.
Develop proficiency in debugging, testing, and optimizing code for improved software performance.
Explore team collaboration tools and methodologies used in modern software development environments.

Languages and tools covered

Javascript Javascript
SQLite SQLite
Python Python
React React
NodeJS NodeJS
ExpressJS ExpressJS
Django Django

Explore our world-class curriculum

Module 1:
Understanding the Role of Software Engineers
Identify the key responsibilities and diverse roles of software engineers in the tech industry.
Understand the ethical and professional standards expected in software development.
Module 2:
Fundamental of HTML/CSS: Common HTML Tags and Elements
Learn to use common HTML tags and elements to structure web pages effectively.
Understand the semantic meaning of HTML tags and their importance for accessibility.
Module 3:
Fundamental of HTML/CSS: Basic CSS Attributes and Frameworks
Master the use of CSS to style web pages, including color, layout, and fonts.
Explore various CSS frameworks to accelerate responsive design development.
Module 4:
Fundamental of HTML/CSS: Responsive Design
Learn to create responsive web designs that work on various devices using media queries.
Understand the principles of mobile-first design and its impact on user experience.
Module 5:
Fundamentals of SQL: Database 101
Gain a solid understanding of relational databases and their role in managing data.
Learn basic SQL syntax and the structure of relational databases.
Module 6:
Fundamentals of SQL: CRUD and Data Types
Perform Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) operations effectively in SQL.
Understand and implement different SQL data types in database design.
Module 7:
Fundamentals of SQL: SQL Statements and Operations
Write complex SQL queries involving multiple tables and conditions.
Optimize SQL statements for performance and efficiency.
Module 8:
Fundamentals of JavaScript or Fundamental of Python: Basic Programming Concepts
Learn basic programming concepts such as variables, loops, and functions in JavaScript or Python.
Understand how to apply these concepts to solve real-world problems through coding.
Module 9:
Fundamentals of JavaScript or Fundamental of Python: DOM Manipulation
Master DOM manipulation to dynamically change content on web pages using JavaScript.
Learn event handling and script loading to enhance interactivity in web applications.
Module 10:
Applied Software Engineering: Agile Development and Workflow
Understand Agile development methodologies and their application in tech projects.
Learn to implement effective workflows using tools like Scrum and Kanban.
Module 11:
Applied Software Engineering: Software Engineering Essentials and Best Practices
Adopt best practices in code writing, testing, and maintenance.
Explore software documentation and version control systems to ensure project success.
Module 12:
Capstone Project
Apply learned skills in a real-world project to design, develop, and deploy a software application.
Demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively, manage project timelines, and deliver presentations on project outcomes.

Meet our course creators

Darren Chiu

Darren Chiu

Technical Consultant

Anthony Chiu

Anthony Chiu

Software Engineer

Peter Chow

Peter Chow

Technical Engineer


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