M1 in Blockchain

M1 in Blockchain

Innovate with the Next Frontier in Technology. Learn how the blockchain is leading to a paradigm shift in the way we live and work.

M1 in Blockchain
Key summary:
M1 in Blockchain
1 month, self-paced
Beginner level

Navigating the Blockchain Ecosystem

The M1 in Blockchain course will help you cut through the hype and objectively assess blockchain's potential in your lives. From topics such as Bitcoin, NFT's, Stablecoins, Decentralized Finance (DeFI), Play-To-Earn Gaming, and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations - this module is intended to walk you through how the industry has grown, and most importantly, how the global institutions are starting to operate and compete in the blockchain-driven industries.

What you will learn

Understand how blockchain works, including its structure and decentralized nature.
Learn what cryptocurrencies are and how they operate on blockchain platforms.
Discover how to create and deploy smart contracts that automate transactions without intermediaries.
Explore the security features of blockchain that prevent fraud and unauthorized activity.
Identify practical applications of blockchain technology across various industries beyond just finance.

Languages and tools covered

Blockchain Blockchain
Bitcoin Bitcoin
Ethereum Ethereum

Explore our world-class curriculum

Module 1:
Course Introduction
Understand the course structure and what you will learn.
Get introduced to the tools and resources needed for the course.
Module 2:
Growth Market: Rapidly Development of Blockchain / Crypto Industry
Learn about the growth trends in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.
Identify key factors driving the expansion and acceptance of blockchain technology.
Module 3:
What is Blockchain Technology?
Define blockchain technology and its core components.
Explore how blocks are created, validated, and added to a blockchain.
Module 4:
Bitcoin (BTC): Its History and Limitations
Understand the origins of Bitcoin and the problems it was created to solve.
Discuss the limitations and challenges faced by Bitcoin technology.
Module 5:
The Rise of ETH (Ethereum) And Differences with BTC
Examine the development of Ethereum and how it differs from Bitcoin.
Learn about smart contracts and Ethereum's role in their implementation.
Module 6:
Multiple Use Cases For Blockchain Technology
Discover various applications of blockchain technology across different sectors.
Analyze case studies demonstrating blockchain's impact on industries like finance, supply chain, and healthcare.
Module 7:
Next Steps & Conclusions
Review key learnings from the course and discuss future trends in blockchain.
Outline steps for further learning and how to stay updated with blockchain developments.

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Kevin Loo



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