M1 in SQL

M1 in SQL

Turn raw data into actionable insights. Learn how to communicate in a data-driven world with relational databases through SQL.

M1 in SQL
Key summary:
M1 in SQL
2 months, self-paced
Beginner level

Craft Powerful Data Solutions with SQL

Develop the ability to create intricate queries that solve real-world data management problems, increasing your value as a data-savvy professional.

Get credit for prior learning for our other courses, such as Certified Associate in Software Engineering, and Certified Associate in Data Analytics.

What you will learn

Understand the foundational syntax of SQL, how to write basic queries, and the structure of relational databases.
Learn how to create tables, define columns, and modify table structure to store data effectively.
Master selecting data from a database, including filtering, sorting, and aggregating data to extract meaningful information.
Discover how to use different types of joins to combine rows from two or more tables based on a related column.
Explore the concepts of data integrity and learn how to use transactions to maintain accuracy and reliability in data operations.

Languages and tools covered

SQLite SQLite

Explore our world-class curriculum

Module 1:
Introduction to SQL and Databases
Understand the role and importance of SQL within the database management landscape.
Identify different types of databases (relational vs. non-relational) and when to use SQL.
Module 2:
SQL Syntax and Query Fundamentals
Learn the basic syntax for creating SQL queries.
Execute simple SELECT statements to retrieve information from a single table.
Module 3:
Working with Tables
Master the creation of tables using the CREATE TABLE statement.
Learn to modify existing tables with ALTER TABLE commands to add, delete, or change columns.
Module 4:
Data Manipulation
Practice inserting, updating, and deleting data in tables to maintain accurate and up-to-date information.
Understand the importance of data integrity and how to enforce it using constraints.
Module 5:
Advanced Data Querying
Use WHERE, ORDER BY, and GROUP BY clauses to filter, sort, and summarize data effectively.
Implement subqueries and complex joins to handle data from multiple tables simultaneously.
Module 6:
Database Administration Basics
Gain insights into the roles and responsibilities of a database administrator (DBA).
Learn basic database maintenance tasks such as indexing and backups to ensure performance and data safety.
Module 7:
Using SQL Functions and Expressions
Explore the use of built-in SQL functions for calculations, data manipulation, and data formatting.
Apply conditional expressions and case statements to enhance query capabilities.
Module 8:
Transaction Management
Understand the concept of transactions and their role in maintaining data accuracy and consistency.
Learn to use COMMIT and ROLLBACK to control transactional changes within the database.

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Darren Chiu

Darren Chiu

Technical Consultant

Anthony Chiu

Anthony Chiu

Software Engineer

Peter Chow

Peter Chow

Technical Engineer


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